BUMP OF CHICKEN to release their first physical single in almost 3 years

Just tonight it’s been announced that well-known pop-rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN are set to release their first physical single in 2 years and 7 months on April 22nd of this year.  The single is titled “Hello, world! / Colony” and will be the first time that the band has chosen to release a Double A-side single in almost 5 years, since “Uchuu Hikoushi e no Tegami / Motorcycle” hit shelves back in October of 2010.

“Hello, world! / Colony” is set to be released in 3 versions, a first for BUMP OF CHICKEN, and both lead tracks have already been confirmed to have tie-ups.  “Hello, world!” is going to be used as the opening theme for the upcoming MBS anime “Kekkai Sensen” (“Blood Blockade Battlefront”) while “Colony” has been confirmed as the theme song for the live action film “Kiseijuu:  The Final Chapter”, both of which are set to hit the screen in April.  Of note, while the band has provided music for animated material in the past, the last time they did so for a normally airing series was for the anime adaptation of popular game “Tales of the Abyss” with their song “Karma” back in 2008, so this is quite the momentous occasion.

Read on below to see exactly what is set to come with each edition of the single, as well as take a listen to “Karma” for old times sake.

-’Hello, world! / Colony’ Track List-

  • Regular Edition CD
  1. Hello, world!
  2. Colony
  • Limited Edition DVD
  1. Colony -Studio Live Video-
  • Period Production Edition DVD
  1. Hello, world! -Studio Live Video-

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