BOMI to Release New Album “A_B”

On December 7, BOMI will release her third album, “A_B.” This album is a concept album with an autobiographical slant. BOMI decided to go this route after meeting her birth mother for the first time two years ago. She’s put the emotions surrounding that experience into “A_B.” Nariaki Obukuro of Tokyo Recordings is in charge of the production of “A_B.”

To help cover the production costs for things such as music videos and the album’s photobook, BOMI launched a project titled “#BOMIPROJECT” on the crowdfunding site CAMPFIRE. This initiative was launched on October 26 and ends November 26. BOMI asked fans to help raise ¥1 million. The project has been a success, with BOMI receiving ‎¥1,428,500 from 97 people as of the time of this writing. Everyone who contributes to “#BOMIPROJECT” receives a copy of “A_B”, but there are more perks the more the fan pays. These perks range from an autograph to an album listening party held at a home rented out on Airbnb to a sleepover with BOMI (for female fans only). BOMI will even create an original song about anything one lucky fan wants (that ¥300,000 experience is sold out already though).

BOMI recently released the music video for the album’s title track. It features some cool digital light effects that are juxtaposed against everday situations. Check it out below, along with the album’s cover!