BITTER & SWEET Reveals PV for ‘Darenimo Naisho’ with English subtitles

BITTER & SWEET, a pop duo under UP-FRONT CREATE consisting of soloist Tasaki Asahi (18) and Hasegawa Moemi (20) has revealed more details for their 2nd DVD single ‘Darenimo Naisho (A Secret From Everyone)/ Gesshoku’. To be released on September 3, the single’s jacket covers and tracklist are up. They also unveiled the full music video for ‘Darenimo Naisho’ with English subtitles.

With subs you can easily follow the PV and the easy listening summer track of the duo.

1. Darenimo Naisho (music video)
2. Geshoku (music video)
1. Darenimo Naisho
2. Geshoku
3. Darenimo Naisho (off vocal)
4. Geshoku (off vocal)