Ayumi Hamasaki Releases Covers for Her New Mini Album

On August 5, Ayumi Hamasaki is set to release her new mini album, “sixxxxxx.” She’s already given fans a taste of the upcoming release with the music video for “Step by step.”┬áToday, Ayu released the covers for “sixxxxxx.” They’re part of a collaboration with fashion magazine Numero TOKYO. The theme of the covers is “Moto no Ayumi Hamasaki.” The goal of the shoot is to portray Ayu in a more natural state. These photos were taken in a Tokyo hotel room.

Ayu will also be appearing in the new issue of Numero TOKYO, out July 28. There will be several photos that aren’t part of the album art in this forthcoming spread. A preview shot can be seen after the jump, along with the covers for “sixxxxxx!”





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Numero TOKYO preview