Ayumi Hamasaki announces new winter single

Ayumi Hamasaki has announced the release of her 53rd single on December 24. It is a triple A-side single titled “Zutto… / Last Minute / Walk.” The composers for these songs will be frequent collaborators Kunio Tago (Days / Key ~Eternal Tie Version~), Tetsuya Yukumi (JEWEL / Moments), and Tetsuya Komuro (Virgin Road / Love Song), respectively. The single is described as containing a winter ballad, a rock ballad, and a TK ballad, respectively. “Zutto… / Last Minute / Walk” will be released in 2 editions: a CD only edition and a TeamAyu fanclub edition. Pre-orders come with a poster. The covers aren’t out yet but the tracklist is. Check it out after the jump!

1. Zutto… (Original mix)
2. Last minute (Original mix)
3. Walk (Original mix)
4. Zutto… (Original mix) -Instrumental-
5. Last minute (Original mix) -Instrumental-
6. Walk (Original mix) -Instrumental-