Ayame Gouriki Releases PV for 1st cover song “Wasurete mo Sukina Hito”

As previously announced, Ayame Gouriki will be releasing her third single “Kuyashii kedo Daiji na Hito” on October 29. Included in the single is a cover of “Wasurete mo Sukina Hito”, Purple Shadows’ hit song from 1969. For the cover, she collaborated with Tatsuya Ishii of vocal group ‘Tatsuya Ishii to Tokyo Del Amigo’. Since the titile track speaks about a love that is to begin, they had decided to sing about a love that has ended in the coupling song.

This is Gouriki’s first cover and first duet. The PV also features some behind the scenes of the recording.

from Yinyuetai

(via Natalie)