Arashi’s new single “Ai o Sakebe” previews, covers and tracklist

Arashi’s 47th single Ai o Sakebe (Crying Out Love), currently airing as commercial background song for Recruit Zexy, is set to a party rock’n roll tune. The members pour their hearts into the lyrics about the awkward and slightly wistful feelings of a man at a wedding ceremony towards the bride, who he used to yearn for, while still wishing the newlyweds a bright future. As “a love song from us,” it’s bound to become a new wedding song standard offering a message to a women from a man’s point of view.

The paired song Yume ni Kakeru, currently airing as JAL 2015 promotion song, also has a grandiose feel to it and is a song that inspires hopes and dreams in the people who listen to it. The first-run limited edition DVD includes the music video and its making of, in addition to a Ai o Sakebitaku Naru! choreography video, and the press conference for the unveiling of the JAL 2015 aircraft featuring a special hull design created by member Ohno Satoshi.

Check out the previews of the song from the aired CMs. JAL has recently updated their official YT account with commercials starring Arashi. Single covers and tracklist are also out! The single will be released on September 2.


[First-run limited edition]


M1: Ai o Sakebe
Lyrics & Music: 100+/Arrangement: 100+, 佐々木博史

M2: Yume ni Kakeru)
Lyrics: 古川貴浩, 小川貴史, John World/Music: 古川貴浩/Arrangement: ha-j

M3: Mr. Lonely
Lyrics: Pink Wolf, Trevor Ingram/Music: Trevor Ingram, Kanata Okajima, Stephen Rudden/Arrangement: Trevor Ingram, A.K. Janeway

M4: Ai o Sakebe (original karaoke track)

M5: Mr. Lonely (original karaoke track)

Ai o Sakebe (music video + making of)
Ai o Sakebitakunaru “choreography video”
・JAL aircraft with special hull design unveiling

[Regular edition]


M1: Ai o Sakebe

M2: It’s good to be bad
Lyrics: Shigeo, eltvo/Music: Didrik Thott, Octobar/Arrangement: Octobar

M3: Yume Ni Kakeru

M4: I say
Lyrics: みうらともかず/Music: sk-etch, BERT, ROLF/Arrangement: sk-etch

M5: 愛を叫べ (Ai o Sakebe) (original karaoke track)

M6: It’s good to be bad (original karaoke track)

M7: Yume ni kakeru (original karaoke track)

M8: I say (original karaoke track)

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