Arashi to provide theme song of drama “Ouroboros”

It was announced that Arashi’s first single of 2015, titled “Sakura” will be released on February 25. The song will be the theme song of the new TBS drama OUROBOROS ~ Kono Ai Koso, Seigi (January 16, 10 pm) starring Ikuta Toma, who belong to the same agency as Arashi, and Oguri Shun. This is the group’s first drama theme song starring a non-member.

The press conference for the drama was held today. Regarding the theme song, Ikuta Toma is glad that Arashi has participated to provide the theme song, it has become an encouraging boost. He stated “As a friend and Arashi’s number one fan, I am really happy. Thank you, Arashi!”. Oguri Shun on the other hand talks about having appeared several times in a drama with an Arashi theme song, and how this will be the 5th time.

The single will be released in 2 editions. Check out a sneak peek of the drama and Arashi’s new song “Sakura” below.


[Limited Edition]

M1: Sakura
M2: Title TBD A
M3: Title TBD A (Original Karaoke)

“Sakura” (video clip)

[Regular Edition]

M1: Sakura
M2: Title TBD B
M3: Title TBD C
M4 ~ 6 :( Original Karaoke)

(via Oricon)