Arashi releases “Fukkatsu Love” PV featuring Ikuta Toma

As previously announced, Arashi will be releasing their new single “Fukkatsu LOVE” on Feb 24. The song features lyrics by Takeuchi Mariya and music and arrangement by Yamashita Tatsuro. It is currently used as the CM song for Japanese telecom company NTT Docomo’s dhits CM. The commercial for the app features actor Kubota Masataka.

“Fukkatsu Love” will be the first Arashi single to be distributed via flat-rate music distribution service on smartphones. The app lets you listen to other Arashi songs such as My Girl, Beautiful Days, Aozora Pedal, Typhoon Generation, Fuyu no Nioi, Wasurerarenai, Refrain, Hitori Janai Sa and Kimi ga Waraeru you ni.

According to Sakurai Sho, they requested a song from Yamashita and Takeuchi when they went to their concert in 2013 and they are happy to finally show it to everyone.

Ikuta Toma also makes a guest appearance in the music video. Ikuta recounted that Arashi provided the theme song for his drama “Ouroboros” last year and this time he is in their music video. “Being able to work on something with comrades I’ve known since way back makes me really happy. Also, as a fan of them, I couldn’t be happier to have been able to do so. “

Check out the PV and CM below.