Haruna Kojima covers new edition of Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s classic novel

Haruna Kojima from AKB48 will appear on the cover of a new edition of Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s classic novel ‘Naomi’ (org. ‘Chijin no Ai’), published by Takarajimasha. The paperback is on sale from 19th February.

‘Naomi’ (first published in 1924) is written from the perspective of a electrician called Jouji. One day, Jouji meets a beautiful girl in a cafe. He is bewitched by her Eurasian looks and unusual name: Naomi. He decides to form her into his ideal western woman, like Pygmalion. What Jouji doesn’t expect is that soon a cold-hearted, manipulative Naomi will have a full control over him.

haruna kojima covers naomi by tanizaki

The photo chosen for the cover comes from Haruna’s 2015 photobook ‘Dou suru?’. It shows Kojima in white shirt and underwear in a seductive pose. The editors named her ideal impersonation¬†of the titular Naomi, a beautiful villain you cannot resist. Hopefully, the public will be tempted to buy the book. Would you?

(via mynavi.jp)