Arashi previews “Zero-G” and reveals details from upcoming album THE DIGITALIAN

Arashi will be releasing their new album “THE DIGITALIAN” on October 22. With a few days away from release, the album’s lead song Zero-G was previewed in their radio program. Member Ohno Satoshi choreographed for the song and this will be the first time his choreography will make it to a music video as Zero-G will be released with a PV. The group will then embark on a 5- Dome Tour from November to December.

Album details have also been released. It will include member solo songs, and eight new songs including lead song Zero-G. Their new album features several songs written by group members. Sakurai Sho wrote the lyrics for three tracks including his solo song Hey Yeah! and the Regular Edition’s bonus track Take Off!!!!!. Ninomiya Kazunari also wrote, composed, and arranged for his solo track Merry Christmas.

The album will be available in 2 versions. The cover for the Limited edition depicts a Vegetarian Digitalian person. Check out the preview, album covers, tracklists, and tour information below.



– 60-page photo/lyrics booklet

1. Zero-G
Lyrics: Kajigaya Shota, eltvo
Composer: Takuya Harada
Arranger: Ishizuka Tomoo

2. Wonderful
Lyrics: ASIL, Masa Fujise, John World, SQUAREF
Composer: James Winchester, Peter Boyes, Christopher Wortley
Arranger: Slice of Life

3. Tell me why
Lyrics: SQUAREF, mfmsiQ, John World
Rap lyrics: Sakurai Sho
composer: Andreas Johansson, STEVEN LEE
Arranger: AKJaneway

4. Asterisk
Songwriting, arrangement: 100 +
Rap lyrics: Sakurai Sho

5. Imaging Crazy (Vocal: Ohno Satoshi)
Lyrics: curly, furaha
Composer: Dyce Taylor, Jin Choi
Arranger: Jin Choi

6. GUTS!
Lyrics: eltvo, s-Tnk
Composer: SAKRA
Arranger: Ishizuka Tomoo

7. Disco Star (Vocal: Aiba Masaki)
Lyrics: youth case
Arranger: AKJaneway

8. Daremo Shiranai
Lyrics: mfmsiQ, SQUAREF, John World, Sakuta Masaya
Composer: Takuya Harada, Joakim Björnberg, Christofer Erixon, BJ Khan
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki, BJ Khan

Lyrics: AKIRA
Composer: AKIRA, UTA
Arranger: Yoshioka Taku

10. STAY GOLD (Vocal: Matsumoto Jun)
Lyrics: Macoto56, Matsumoto Jun
composer: Shinnosuke
Arranger: Shinnosuke, Pieni tonttu, Captain B

11. Bittersweet
Music and Lyric: 100 +
Arranger: Ishizuka Tomoo

12. Merry Christmas (Vocal: Ninomiya Kazunari)
Lyrics: Ninomiya Kazunari, Takashi Ogawa
Composer: Ninomiya Kazunari
Arranger: ha-j, Ninomiya Kazunari

13. Kimi no Yume wo Miteita
Lyrics, composer: HYDRANT
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki

14. One Step
Lyrics: s-Tnk
Composers: Mats Tarnfors
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki

15. Hey Yeah! (Vocal: Sakurai Sho)
Lyrics: AKIRA
Rap lyrics: Sakurai Sho
Composer: Tanaka straight
Arranger: Hisashi Nawata

16. Hope in the darkness
Lyrics: Takashi Ogawa, HYDRANT
Composer: David Keiffer Johnston, Wesley Steed, Sigurdur Kristinn Sigtryggsson pka Siggi
Arranger: metropolitan digital clique, A-bee

1. Zero-G (music video)
2. Zero-G making-of music video (24min approx)


– 32-page lyrics booklet
– Bonus Track

17.Take Off !!!!!
Lyrics: Sakurai Sho
Composition, arrangement: Stephan Elfgren


November 14- 16 | Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka
November 27-30 | Kyocera Dome, Osaka
December 5-7 | Nagoya Dome, Nagoya
December 12-14 | Sapporo Dome, Hokkaido
December 19-23 | Tokyo Dome, Tokyo

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