[Alexandros] to Release New Single “Mosquito Bite”

On July 18, [Alexandros] will release their new single, “Mosquito Bite.” The song serves as the theme song for the film version of “BLEACH”, in theaters July 20. Also included on the single will be the “BLEACH version” of the song “MILK”, which serves as an insert song in “BLEACH.” Rounding out the single are three live tracks recorded during a concert last year at Nagoya’s Nippon Gaishi Hall.

The limited edition of “Mosquito Bite” includes a “Mosquito Aroma Band.” It’s a citronella-scented rubber bracelet that wards off insects, making it the perfect item for the outdoor concert season.

The music video for “Mosquito Bite” was recently released. It was shot in the United States under the direction of Ryan Valdez, who has worked with the likes of Korn and Stone Sour. The video was shot using an 8K camera. Of the song, frontman Kawakami Yoohei said that the best rock song has been completed, and that he feels like he just debuted. Check out the video for “Mosquito Bite” below, along with more information on [Alexandros] new single!

Limited Edition

[ALEXANDROS]「Mosquito Bite」完全生産限定盤ジャケット


Regular Edition

[ALEXANDROS]「Mosquito Bite」通常盤ジャケット

1. Mosquito Bite
2. MILK(BLEACH version)
“Premium V.I.P. Party 2017” live at Nippon Gaishi Hall
3. Stimulator
4. Grand Daddy~Dance With the Alien~Onion Killing Party
5. ムーンソング (Moon Song)


Mosquito Aroma Band

「Mosquito Bite」完全生産限定盤の特典“Mosquito Aroma Band”。




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