[Alexandros] lighten up in Music Video for “Feel like”

On November 9th up-and-coming rock act [Alexandros] will be releasing their second major album “EXIST!”.  This new release will come in four variants:  a Regular CD-Only edition, an Analog edition, a Limited Edition A which will include a DVD with 90 minutes (20+ tracks) of live footage from the band’s “Premium V.I.P. Party” at Osaka-jo Hall, and a Limited Edition B which will house a DVD with all of the music videos connected to the album.

Ahead of this record’s release, the group have now published the PV for their GLOBAL WORK CM track “Feel like” to their official Youtube channel.  The lighthearted, full-English tune is set to a variety of colorful imagery, which is intermixed with shots of dancers weaving between the band members as they perform.

Though the track list for “EXIST!” has not been published yet, you’ll find the full MV for “Feel like”, as well as the set list for their “Premium V.I.P. Party” just beneath the cut.

-’[Alexandros]’s “Premium V.I.P. Party” at Osaka-jo Hall Set List-

  1. The
  2. starrrrrrr
  3. Kill Me If You Can
  4. Stimulator
  5. Girl A
  6. Boo!
  7. For Freedom
  8. In your face
  9. Wanna Get Out
  10. Run Away
  11. Wataridori
  12. Osaka 2pm36Floor
  13. Famous Day
  14. city
  15. Dog 3
  16. Cat 2
  17. Kick & Spin
  18. NEW WALL
  19. Feel like
  20. Adventure
  21. spy (Encore 1)
  22. You’re So Sweet & I Love You (Encore 1)
  23. Nawe, Nawe (Encore 2)
  24. Swan (Encore 2)
  25. Dracula La (Encore 2)
  26. Burger Queen (Encore 2)

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