AKLO and NORIKIYO Team Up for Joint Album

On July 10, AKLO and NORIKIYO will release the collaboration album “New Drug.” The album is completely produced by BACHLOGIC. He also appears on two of album’s nine tracks under his “Haganeda Teflon” moniker.

“New Drug” came about due to NORIKIYO’s desire to have a song to perform live with AKLO while on tour. When they met with BACHLOGIC to create the song, they ended up with multiple songs, resulting in their joint album. More information on the album can be found below, along with the music video for one of its songs, “Hyakusenman.”

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  1. そんなんねぇ (Sonnan Nee)
  2. Concrete Jungle
  3. 気にしない (Kinishinai)
  4. New Drug (feat. 鋼田テフロン) (New Drug (feat. Haganeda Teflon))
  5. 百千万 (Hyakusenman)
  6. Radio
  7. いいんだって (Iin Datte)
  8. Baby Listen Up (feat. 鋼田テフロン) (Baby Listen Up (feat. Haganeda Teflon))
  9. You Know Why