Akiko Yano Announces New Album Featuring Collaborations with Seiho, tofubeats, and More

On September 16, Akiko Yano will release her new album, “Welcome to Jupiter.” This will be her first album since “Tobashite Ikuyo”, released in March 2014. The theme of “Welcome to Jupiter” is “adult techno music.” To execute this concept, Akiko has drafted a crop of collaborators. Those collaborators are Seiho, AZUMA HITOMI, Ovall, Tomita Keiichi (also known as Tomita Lab), tofubeats, and Fukusawa Hideyuki. Quruli’s Shigeru Kishida also lends his vocals to one of the album’s songs. Akiko will cover her song “PRAYER” on this album, as well as her song “Tong Poo”, which is based on her ex-husband Ryuichi Sakamoto’s band Yellow Magic Orchestra’s song of the same name (the song was originally an instrumental and she later wrote lyrics for it.). She’ll also cover the theme song for the movie “Mothra”, Happy End’s “Taifu”, and The Folk Crusaders’ “Kanashikute Yarikirenai.”

Prior to the release of “Welcome to Jupiter”, Akiko will release the album’s opening track, “Tong Poo”, as a 7 inch vinyl single. This limited release will only be available at HMV stores starting on September 5. Seiho is in charge of the arrangement of this song. A sample of it can be heard in the trailer for the album, which was released today. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s covers and tracklist!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. Tong Poo
[Sound Produce & Arrange: Seiho]

2. あたまがわるい (Atama ga Warui)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: AZUMA HITOMI]

3. そりゃムリだ (Sorya Muri da)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: AZUMA HITOMI / Chorus: 岸田繁 (Shigeru Kishida)]

4. わたしとどうぶつと。 (Watashi to Doubutsu to.)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: Ovall]

5. わたしと宇宙とあなた (Watashi to Uchuu to Anata)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: AZUMA HITOMI]

6. モスラの歌 (Mothra no Uta)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: AKIKO YANO]

7. 大丈夫です (Daijoubu desu)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: 冨田恵一 (Tomita Keiichi)]

8. 颱風 (Taifu)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: AKIKO YANO]

9. 悲しくてやりきれない (Kanashikute Yarikirenai)
[Sound Produce & Arrange: AKIKO YANO]

10. Welcome to Jupiter
[Sound Produce & Arrange: tofubeats]

[Sound Produce & Arrange: 深澤秀行 (Fukusawa Hideyuki)]]

Naked Jupiter (Limited Edition only)
1. Tong Poo (Naked Jupiter ver.)
2. わたしとどうぶつと。 (Watashi to Doubutsu to.) (Naked Jupiter ver.)
3. モスラの歌 (Mothra no Uta) (Naked Jupiter ver.)
4. 大丈夫です (Daijoubu desu) (Naked Jupiter ver.)
5. 颱風 (Taifu) (Naked Jupiter ver.)
6. Welcome to Jupiter (Naked Jupiter ver.)
7. PRAYER (Naked Jupiter ver.)


Tong Poo


Album trailer