Akai Koen Releases Short PV for Sunny “Kiiroi Hana”

On March 23, Akai Koen will release their new album, “Junjou Randsel.” Ahead of the album’s release, the band has released the short music video for the album’s penultimate track, “Kiiroi Hana.” The song serves as the ending theme for the NHK E TV show “Gretel no Kamado.” The show is hosted by Seto Koji, and this isn’t the first time a show of his has used an Akai Koen song as a theme. His 2014 Fuji TV drama, “Lost Days”, used Akai Koen’s “Zettai Teki na Kankei” as its opening theme.

“Kiiroi Hana” is an upbeat song and has a video to match. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on the new album!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition


1. ボール (Ball)
2. 東京 (Tokyo)
3. Canvas
4. 西東京 (Nishi Tokyo)
5. ショートホープ (Short Hope)
6. デイドリーム (Daydream)
7. あなたのあのこ、いけないわたし (Anata no Ano Ko, Ikenai Watashi)
8. 喧嘩 (Kenka)
9. 14
10. ハンバーグ! (Hamburg!)
11. ナルコレプシー (Narcolepsy)
13. 黄色い花 (Kiiroi Hana)
14. おやすみ (Oyasumi)

Limited Edition DVD
2. Canvas (MUSIC VIDEO)
3. 黄色い花 (Kiiroi Hana) (MUSIC VIDEO)
4. 赤い公園ドキュメンタリー映像「情熱公園」 (Akai Koen Documentary Film “Jounetsu Kouen”)



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