aiko, KAT-TUN and Perfume for new music show “Samaazu no Utafuri!”

On December 27, the new music/ variety program Samaazu no Utafuri! aired on NTV (10pm-11:24pm). The program involves location filming in collaboration with comedians aside from performances from the guests. Guests for the first broadcast are KAT-TUN, Perfume, and aiko. Perfume and Harisenbon went shopping at a hardware store, KAT-TUN and Black Mayonnaise went ‘to see the world of women’, to see and experience unusual popular things with women not quite understood by men, and aiko and Samaazu went to enjoy Universal Studios Japan.

Before the first broadcast, a “Samaazu Special Just Before the Broadcast” was aired on the same day from 3:15pm – 4pm featuring more of the location filming, to be continued in the broadcast proper together with the performances. The line up are as follows:

  • KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive
  • Perfume – Cling Cling
  • aiko –  Atashi no Mukou (Beyond Myself)

Here are some individual videos of the performances:

I can’t find aiko’s video but you can watch her performance at below’s clip (starts 78:53)

Actual program and performances:


The Special before the broadcast:


(via Natalie)