Ai Otsuka & Akko Gorilla Team Up for “Aibiki”

On May 12, Ai Otsuka and Akko Gorilla will release a collaborative digital single, “Aibiki.” The two met last June after they were both part of the digital live event “LIVE HUMAN.”

Of Akko Gorilla’s voice, Ai said it has a special charm, a mixture of strength and sadness. Akko Gorilla is still in shock over working with Ai, saying that she can’t believe she is working with the person whose songs she sings at karaoke.

The music video for “Aibiki” was recently released. In it, Ai and Akko Gorilla go to Big Boy to have hamburger steak, which is a play on the song’s title, because depending on the kanji used, it could mean “meeting” or “ground”, as in ground beef. This being 2021, the duo wear face masks when entering the restaurant, sanitize their hands, and wear gloves when using the salad bar. All of this is done in a sensual manner. Check it out below!

  1. あいびき (Aibiki)
  2. ハイナビ (High Navi)
  3. またたび (Matatabi)