Ai Furihata Continues Her City Pop Sound on New Mini Album “Makeup”

On December 23, Ai Furihata will release her second mini album, “Makeup.” This release comes three months after her debut mini album, “Moonrise.”

Ai wrote all six songs on “Makeup”, while Honma Akimitsu was in charge of composition and arrangement. This mini album sees Ai continuing the city pop sound of her first release, a sound that she has become synonymous with. “Makeup” features the songs “Purple Eyeshadow” and “Mafuyu no Sheer Mind”, which serve as the opening and ending themes, respectively, for the TOKYO MX program “Nichiyou wa Colorful!!!”

“Makeup” comes in a CD+Blu-ray+Photobook limited edition and a CD only regular edition. The photobook that comes with the limited edition is 20 pages.

Ai recently released the music video for “Purple Eyeshadow.” The video features a love triangle set in an 80s drama. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on Ai’s new mini album!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



  1. パープルアイシャドウ (Purple Eyeshadow)
  3. 桃源郷白書 (Togenkyo Hakusho)
  4. SIDE B
  5. ルバートには気をつけて! (Rubato ni wa Ki wo Tsukete!)
  6. 真冬のシアーマインド (Mafuyu no Sheer Mind)

Limited Edition Blu-ray

1. 「パープルアイシャドウ」Music Video (“Purple Eyeshadow” Music Video)
2. Music Video & Photo Shoot Making

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