Adachi Reisaburo unveils Music Video for the incredibly groovy “Afrikan Ghostz”

Jazz singer Adachi Reisaburo has recently revealed the full music video for his brand new song “Afrikan Ghostz” and published it to his Youtube channel.  The PV involves a series of individuals awkwardly dancing to the vibrant tune as Adachi’s head looms in the background behind them.

“Afrikan Ghostz” is the lead track off of Adachi’s latest album “Papapapa”, which released this week on June 17th.  The record features talented musicians such as cero’s Arauchi Yuu, drummer Mitsunaga Wataru, and trumpeter Miura Chiaki participating in its recording process.

The complete track list for “Papapapa”, as well as the PV for “Afrikan Ghostz” can be found right below the jump.

-’Papapapa’ Track List-

  1. Hoshi no Seitansai
  2. Kisetsu no Naka de Tsukamaete
  3. Flamingo no Tobu Tokoro
  4. Gogatsu no Inori
  5. Afrikan Ghostz
  6. Yoiyami no Kaigansen
  7. Namae no Namae
  8. Onejima no Uta
  9. Papapapa
  10. Harvest Mooon

(via natalie)