AAA’s Nissy Releases PV for Solo Single “Playing With Fire”

On December 24, AAA member Nissy will release a new solo single titled “Playing With Fire.” This limited edition CD+DVD single will only be available on mu-mo. The single comes with a photobook and a candle.

Nissy recently released the music video for “Playing With Fire.” The video features Nissy dancing in a white suit.  He then performs before an audience of fans, which were selected via a lottery. The end of the video features the candle that comes with the single. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on the single!

1. Playing With Fire
2. Playing With Fire (instrumental)

1. Playing With Fire (Music Video)
2. Playing With Fire (Video Making Clip)
3. Bonus Video「西島くん、キャンドル作り」(“Nishijima-kun, Making Candles”)