80KIDZ to release new album featuring Benjamin Diamond and more

Electronic unit 80KIDZ has announced a brand-new record FACE slated for release on September 24th, their first original album in roughly two-and-a-half years.

To promote the album, which features names from the global dance scene such as Benjamin Diamond, Ronika and Ann Saunderson, the duo have set up a special site on Tumblr where you can stream track previews and find out more about the release.


  1. Intro
  2. Egyptian Raver
  3. I Got a Feeling (feat. Benjamin Diamond)
  4. Don’t Wait Up (feat. Ronika)
  5. Can’t Sleep (feat. Jhameel)
  6. Venge
  7. Sting
  8. Dusk
  9. Gen X (feat. Ann Saunderson)
  10. Into The Sun
  11. Something In The Way (feat. Kazuki Sato)
  12. Face
  13. Dying In My Dreams (feat. David E. Sugar) [digital only]

80KIDZ will hold a release party for the album at UNIT in Daikanyama, Tokyo on October 1st.

(via RO69)