Netizens send congratulations on football captain Makoto Hasebe and model Arisa Sato’s wedding

Wedding bells ring! Captain of the Japanese National Football team Makoto Hasebe (32) and model Arisa Sato (27) registered their marriage on the 9th July. The couple has been “officially” dating for three years (knowing each other for five – or so it seems from Hasebe’s message), with the wedding news popping up from time to time in the media since last year. Hasebe, who is known for being a huge Mr. Children fan, quoted the lyrics of their song “Simple” in his message to the fans and the media. Check the reaction of the cyberspace after the jump!

Hasebe wrote to the media: “I have registered my marriage with model Arisa Sato today. Friends and family pointed out that my last message was a bit stiff. I would like to be more personal today. After 5 years of trials, my approach has been rewarded. We spend a lot of time separated, but her natural brightness and smile is the best medicine for everything. “We will be strong like the grass that stands in the pouring rain” – keeping each other hands when facing difficulties, always smiling and respecting each other.”. 

The netizens at Girlschannel couldn’t miss the occasion to leave few comments on the newly-wed couple. Here are some of them:

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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:56:20 [通報]
Sounds narcissistic
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:56:24 [通報]
way too gross
This is the guy who lowered the level of the team
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:56:35 [通報]
So Hasebe’s getting married too〜〜
Hope the lyrics of the guy who cheated don’t bring him bad luck w
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:56:47 [通報]
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:57:09 [通報]
Hasebe-san is a funny guy and he’ll be a good father!
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:57:14 [通報]
What a cute wife.
All footballers have a flashy image
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:57:26 [通報]
Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend, but congratulations to you guys
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:57:47 [通報]
So Hasebe’s also married now. So left are Airi Taira and What’s-his-name? Will they marry?
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:57:55 [通報]
I didn’t get the part with the lyrics, but congratz!
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:58:16 [通報]
Ah, yes.
Good for them.
It’s a marriage spree.
And the lyrics… don’t come back when you are regretting this later lol
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 17:59:38 [通報]
Hasebe’s supposed to be intelligent.
I wanted him to marry a non-celebrity.
And look, another one who chooses a model?
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:00:36 [通報]
Wishing you lots of love, not like this T-Shirt!
長谷部誠、佐藤ありさとの結婚報告 ミスチル歌詞で決意「2人で歩んでいきたい」
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:02:36 [通報]
I’m an Arisa Sato fan for long and I’m happy for her!
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:02:48 [通報]
Arisa Sato is starting to look like Juri Ueno recently
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:06:08 [通報]
Will she become a housewife now?
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:07:26 [通報]
Arisa Sato was the best in “going!”! I liked her. She has good enunciation and is witty enough to follow Ueda’s gags, she responded to his jokes nicely :)
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:08:33 [通報]
So this what beauty and the beast look like
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:17:23 [通報]
Arisa-chan is taking cooking classes, learning English and German and calligraphy, so she is doing her best to be an appropriate match.
People here worry if she can cook, but models have strict dietary rules on par with athletes.
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:23:19 [通報]
Me reading the announcement: “Oh, so it was Arisa-chan after all, congrat— wha??? (lyrics…?)”
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:31:20 [通報]
When they read the news on Hasebe wedding on ZERO, they didn’t announce the bride’s name, but Mirei Kiritani was all giddy! So she was happy cause they are best friends(^^)
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 18:33:39 [通報]
Apparently Mirei Kiritani’s the cupid
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 20:44:00 [通報]
Contrary to Nino’s case, they look like big brother and sister to me
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匿名 2016/07/09(土) 20:44:00 [通報]
Happy wedding!!
長谷部誠、佐藤ありさとの結婚報告 ミスチル歌詞で決意「2人で歩んでいきたい」