Netizens React to Apple CEO Tim Cook Coming Out

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made global headlines after publicly addressing his sexual orientation for the first time in an essay written for Bloomsberg Buisnessweek. In the essay he stated “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me”.  Cook has been open about his sexuality for years and many of his Apple co-workers were already aware of his orientation, but he sought to focus on Apple and keep his personal life private.

Naturally, netizens had something to say in-regards to his statement. How did they take the news?

匿名 2014/10/31
I think it’s fine.
匿名 2014/10/31
Really? In this day and age it isn’t uncomon but, it took courage to come out though.
匿名 2014/10/31
It would be good if with famous or influential people like this coming out for it to reduce the amount of discrimination and predujice.
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匿名 2014/10/31
It doesn’t change who he is. I will look forward to more great products.
匿名 2014/10/31
But in America there are still people who extremely hate homosexual love. If those people are Apple devotees and know this, I wonder if they will stop buying the produts.
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匿名 2014/10/31
I wonder if in 100 years time the world will become a place where even if a famous person is gay, you won’t need to announce it seperately on the news.
匿名 2014/10/31
I feel that for some reason many intelligent and good looking men are gay.

(Translation by JenJen)