Hitomi poses in her bikini while pregnant, Netizens drag her

After announcing her pregnancy in May, Singer hitomi posted cute pictures of herself wearing a bathing suit on her blog the other day.

She went on a family vacation to Okinawa with her husband and daughter (age 5) for four days. Six months pregnant and excited about her upcoming baby, she posted a picture of herself wearing a white swimsuit top and a black low rise mini skirt. On the internet, she always seems to be the butt of the joke when netizens go out of their way to post about her just so they can insult her.

Find out what messy comments they had to say.

匿名 2014/07/05(土) 17:08:45 [通報]
Why are you uploading these to your blog…
匿名 2014/07/05(土) 17:09:22 [通報]
I’m sorry but I don’t want to see that…
The fact is even under normal circumstances she’s a failure
匿名 2014/07/05(土) 17:09:41 [通報]
She’s just doing this so she can do a nude maternity photoshoot again.
匿名 2014/07/05(土) 17:09:55 [通報]
Did she go in the ocean in that?
The baby would get cold
匿名 2014/07/05(土) 17:11:36 [通報]
This is painful to see.
As a 26-year-old, I think she’s immature.
匿名 2014/07/05(土) 18:00:53 [通報]
You all complain about everything.
匿名 2014/07/05(土) 18:25:32 [通報]
You just made this post so you could insult her.
You all have too much free time.