Namie Amuro’s videography available on Apple Music, opens temporary Twitter account

Back in June 2019 J-pop fans screeched in joy as Namie Amuro‘s full (almost) discography became available for streaming, worldwide!

Beginning with her single “Body Feels EXIT”, and her album “SWEET 19 BLUES”, her catalog is currently available on Apple Music. Subscribers to the service are about to be in for another treat, as her entire videography is now also available for streaming!

Just like with her discography, the videos begin with her first avex trax single “Body Feels EXIT”. Unfortunately her Toshiba-EMI releases aren’t included, such as “Mister U.S.A” and “TRY ME ~Watashi wo Shinjite~”, but even non single MVs like “Did U” and “Hide & Seek” are available for your viewing pleasure in full.

With Namie Amuro being retied for one full year now, her staff has opened a temporary Twitter account in celebration. The twitter account will report about various news related to the aftermath, and celebration of Namie’s career.

There is also some tweets in English! Follow the temporary account below: