Namie Amuro awarded prestigious Okinawa Prefecture Honorary Prize

Singer Namie Amuro has another accolade under her belt, she is the latest figure to receive the prestigious Okinawa Prefecture Honorary Prize.

Amuro was given the prize by the governor of Okinawa, Takeshi Onaga. It’s awarded to people who have highly excelled in their field, representing Okinawa in a respected and positive way.

Past public figures who have taken home the prize are mainly sports clubs a long with individual athletics. Amuro is one of the very few artists in the Music/Acting field to be awarded this honor.

Brought to tears, she stated “I am delighted to receive this prestigious award. I’m very happy!”. She also stated that Okinawa has always been a place where she can relax, but still be motivated to work very hard.

Amuro has always been a proud Okinawa girl, and naturally selected it as the place where she will hold her final concert. She will be retiring from the entertainment industry on September 18th, 2018.

(via goo)