Watch Sexy Zone sing in English in the “RIGHT NEXT TO YOU” MV

Johnny’s group Sexy Zone is celebrating their 10th anniversary in a big way! They will be releasing a brand new best album celebrating their career titled SZ10th. One of the new tracks on the album is a song called RIGHT NEXT TO YOU which will be included on the album and serve as the main promotional track.

Johnny’s official YouTube channel uploaded a very long preview of the MV and to the surprise of fans the boys sing in English! Fans were not only impressed by their English, but the cool and sleek charm of the song.

Dressed in yellow the boys perform a synchronized dance in the image of a triangle. The cool facial expression of the members can also seen in the solo shots. The full MV for RIGHT NEXT TO YOU will be included on the Limited Edition A version of SZ10TH.

SZ10TH will be released on March 3rd, 2021.

(via natalie)