Watch CHAI’s new MV for “NO MORE CAKE”

CHAI is back on the scene with a brand new MV for their latest digital single “NO MORE CAKE“.

The MV opens with the band members standing in a circle wearing all white. They then proceed to rub cake icing and food coloring on their face, almost similar to war paint. The MV then takes a psychedelic turn in a very CHAI way.

The MV has a special tie-in with Honda, their “GIORNO” and “Cross Cub 50” model scooters can be seen in the MV. They will also be appearing in a special CM promoting the line of scooters.

Meanwhile, CHAI are preparing for a mini tour titled “CHAI JAPAN TOUR 2020 [Ready Cheeky Pretty CHAI]“. All the dates will be at “CLUB QUATTRO”, with the first one happening on May 30th.

“NO MORE CAKE” is available digitally globally.