Utada Hikaru Releases Full Details on Their New Album

Utada Hikaru is preparing to release their new album “BAD Mode”, out digitally January 19 and physically February 23. All of the details in regards to the album have now been released.

“BAD Mode” will contain three new songs: “BAD Mode”, “Kibun Janai no”, and “Somewhere Near Marseilles ーMarseilles Atariー.” The album will have ten songs in total, along with four bonus tracks, which include the Japanese version of “Find Love” and the A.G. Cook remix of “Face My Fears.”

Utada will release the full music video for the album’s title track during their January 19 online concert “Hikaru Utada Live Sessions from Air Studios”, but a short version of it can be found below, along with more information on their new album!

In related news, the vinyl edition of “BAD Mode” will be released on April 27, along with the vinyl editions of “ULTRA BLUE”, “HEART STATION”, and “Fantôme.” The vinyl edition of “Hatsukoi” will be re-released on March 10, along with the vinyl editions of “First Love”, “Distance”, and “DEEP RIVER.”

Limited Edition

Regular Edition


  1. BADモード (BAD Mode)
  2. 君に夢中 (Kimi ni Muchuu)
  3. One Last Kiss
  5. Time
  6. 気分じゃないの (Kibun Janai no)
  7. 誰にも言わない (Dare ni mo Iwanai)
  8. Find Love
  9. Face My Fears(Japanese Version)
  10. Somewhere Near Marseilles ーマルセイユ辺りー (Somewhere Near Marseilles ーMarseilles Atariー)
    <Bonus Tracks>
  11. Beautiful World (Da Capo Version)
  12. キレイな人 (Find Love) (Kirei na Hito (Find Love) )
  13. Face My Fears (English Version)
  14. Face My Fears(A.G. Cook Remix)

Limited Edition DVD / Blu-ray
・Hikaru Utada Live Sessions from Air Studios
・Behind The Scene “Hikaru Utada Live Sessions from Air Studios“
・Music Videos

  1. Time
  2. One Last Kiss
  4. 君に夢中 (Kimi ni Muchuu)
  5. BADモード (BAD Mode)