Utada Hikaru and KOHH journey inbetween light and darkness in “Boukyaku” MV

As we recently reported, a new Utada Hikaru MV was just about to be released today, January 19th, her 34th birthday. And it didn’t make us wait for too long because it is already here! As the M-ON list (unintentionally?) leaked, the clip was indeed for “Fantôme”‘s track 9 “Boukyaku featuring KOHH”. The artistic and simple MV features both artists singing as their figures get blurred and dazzled. Light is present throughout the video with a strong metaphorical use, emphasizing silhouettes and even visualizing parts from the lyrics. Check the clip, thankfully uploaded full to YouTube, just after the jump!


What did you think about the video? Can we expect the full version of Nijikan Dake no Vacance now uploaded to YouTube too? Leave us your comments just below!