Tomita Lab Joined by Haruomi Hosono, Maaya Sakamoto, AAAMYYY, and More on New Album

Tomita Lab is currently celebrating his 20th anniversary. As part of this celebration, he’ll release a new album, “7+”, on June 29. This is his first album since October 2018’s “M-P-C ‘Mentality, Physicality, Computer’.”

Tying into the 20th anniversary concept, “7+” will feature 20 different artists collaborating with Tomita Lab in regards to vocals and lyrics. Some of these artists include Haruomi Hosono, Maaya Sakamoto, AAAMYYY, bird, Nagaoka Ryosuke, and Fujiwara Sakura.

The album will come in a CD+Blu-ray+Book limited edition and CD only regular edition. The limited edition’s Blu-ray and book both document the making of the album.

Check out more information on Tomita Lab’s new album below!



  1. OMNIA-1st Movement
  2. 煙たがられて feat. 細野晴臣 (Kemutagararete feat. Haruomi Hosono)
  3. HOPE for US feat. 磯野くん (YONA YONA WEEKENDERS), AAAMYYY (Tempalay), TENDRE, 吉田沙良 (モノンクル) & Ryohu (KANDYTOWWN) (HOPE for US feat. Isono-kun (YONA YONA WEEKENDERS), AAAMYYY (Tempalay), TENDRE, Yoshida Sara (Mononkul) & Ryohu (KANDYTOWWN))
  4. DEEPER feat. 早見沙織 (DEEPER feat. Hayami Saori)
  5. 君のFlavor (Album Version) feat. 磯野くん (YONA YONA WEEKENDERS) (Kimi no Flavor (Album Version) feat. Isono-kun (YONA YONA WEEKENDERS))
  6. ディストピア feat. AAAMYYY (Tempalay) (Dystopia feat. AAAMYYY (Tempalay))
  7. MAP for LOVE (Album Version)
  8. 須臾の島 feat. ぷにぷに電機 (Shuyu no Shima feat. Punipunidenki)
  9. OMNIA-2nd Movement
  10. 夜汽車 feat. BASI & kojikoji (Yogisya feat. BASI & kojikoji)
  11. さあ話そう feat. 藤巻亮太 (Slowed & Reverbed) (Saa Hanasou feat. Fujimaki Ryota (Slowed & Reverbed))

Limited Edition Blu-ray

  1. Blu-ray「7+ FOOTAGE」