There’s something behind in There There Theres’ new MV

Crow-themed Alt Idol unit There There Theres just released the Music Video for “There’s Something Behind“, title track of their latest single already available on OTOTOY.

There’s something behind” is a composition that makes dramatic vibes and an overall dark mood its main highlights, with a minimal yet incisive use of piano and violin layers giving the track a very fitting symphonic touch, emphasizing the desperation lurking around each verse; structurally the composition follows a pretty standard pattern, but its execution makes the shift through the various sections flow seamlessly, resulting in what is almost a continuos crescendo that ultimately leads to a final verse enriched by distorted guitar riffs, a scream of liberation after the heartfelt interpretation of the previous verses. The video was shot in an non-specified area of Tokyo – presumably in the outskirts – in a near-abandoned housing complex: the black and white filter greatly matches the mood of the track, while the direction makes everything even more dramatic, with sound and visuals compensating each other remarkably as result.

Be sure to catch There There Theres‘ Music Video for “There’s something behind” down here, and let us know what you think about it!