Thelma Aoyama Celebrates Gyaru Culture with “Sekai no Chuushin ~We Are The World~”

Singer-songwriter Thelma Aoyama has us yelling Age-poyo!! like it’s the mid 2000s again with the release of the nostalgic short music video for her song “Sekai no Chuushin ~We Are The World~“.

Inspired by walking around the streets of Shibuya—the center of Gyaru fashion and lifestyle—”Sekai no Chuushin ~We Are The World~” is a high energy song perfectly produced to pair up with a ParaPara dance.

Centered around the facade of the iconic Shibuya 109 shopfront, Thelma hits the points for the Gyaru lifestyle at its peak: a little Puri Kuri, some DDR, and just going out to eat fries and having fun.

The video co-stars Thelma with with 50 Gyaru models including members of Black Diamond, a Gyaru circle often referred to as the “top gal unit”. The video also features a cameo from YouTuber kemio, DJ Alisa Ueno, comedian Koriki Choshu, and a special namedrop for OG Gyaru influencer Namie Amuro.

Last month, it was announced that the online revival of egg magazine—the premiere Gyaru magazine—planned to bring back ParaPara and Gyaru culture by releasing a single, only for Thelma to beat them to the punch. Could we actually see a resurgence of Gyaru style or is it all nostalgia? Are we experiencing a ParaPara boom?

The song “Sekai no Chuushin ~We Are The World~” acts as the lead single for Thelma’s upcoming album “HIGHSCHOOL GAL” due out July 25.

(via Natalie)