Suiyoubi no Campanella Parties in a Bowling Alley in “Aladdin” PV

On November 1, Suiyoubi no Campanella will release their new digital single, “SUPERKID.” A few days ago, the group released a music video for the instrumental version of the track “Aladdin.” That video is now gone, replaced with the music video for the full song! In this new video, frontwoman KOM_I plays a bored bowling alley worker who decides to have a bit of fun on the job. Some crazy things start happening when she rubs her lamp, which in this case, is a bowling ball. Speaking of rubbing, Suiyoubi no Campanella has launched a mobile-only special website in conjunction with this single. When visitors rub the lamp on the site, something magical happens! Check it out, along with the music video for “Aladdin” below!