STUTS & Matsu Takako with 3exes to Release “Presence” Album

The Fuji TV drama “Omameda Towako to Sannin no Motootto” tells the story of Omameda Towako, portrayed by Matsu Takako, and her interactions with her three ex-husbands, played by Matsuda Ryuhei, Kakuta Akihiro, and Okada Masaki.

The ending theme of the drama is different variations of a song called “Presence.” This song is by a unit created for the drama, consisting of Takako, Ryuhei, Akihiro, and Masaki, along with STUTS, under the name “STUTS & Matsu Takako with 3exes.” STUTS, along with butaji, wrote the lyrics for the main vocal, which is sung by Takako. STUTS was also in charge of the song’s production. The three ex-husbands serve as the song’s chorus under the name “3exes.”

There are five different versions of “Presence” used in “Omameda Towako to Sannin no Motootto”, each with a different guest rapper. Episodes 1 & 6 featured “Presence I”, featuring KID FRESINO. Episodes 2 & 7 featured “Presence II”, featuring BIM & Masaki. Episodes 3 & 8 featured “Presence III”, featuring Yurufuwa Gang‘s NENE & Akihiro. Episodes 4 & 9 featured “Presence IV”, featuring Daichi Yamamoto & Ryuhei. Episodes 5 & 10 featured “Presence V”, featuring BAD HOP‘s T-Pablow.

All five versions of “Presence” will appear on the album of the same name, set for release on June 23. The album will also feature “Presence Remix”, which features all five rappers who have appeared on the different versions of “Presence.” A music video for “Presence Remix” has been released and can be seen below, along with more information on the album!

STUTS & 松たか子 with 3exes「Presence」ジャケット
  1. Presence I (feat. KID FRESINO)
  2. Presence II (feat. BIM, 岡田将生) (Presence II (feat. BIM, Okada Masaki))
  3. Presence III (feat. NENE, 角田晃広) (Presence III (feat. NENE, Kakuta Akihiro))
  4. Best Party of My Life
  5. Presence IV (feat. Daichi Yamamoto, 松田龍平) (Presence IV (feat. Daichi Yamamoto, Matsuda Ryuhei))
  6. Presence V (feat. T-Pablow)
  7. Presence Remix (feat. T-Pablow, Daichi Yamamoto, NENE, BIM, KID FRESINO)
  8. Shapes
  9. Presence Reprise (feat. butaji)
  10. Presence (instrumental)

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