SKE48 hit the beach in Taiwan for new PV “Igai ni Mango”

The members of idol group SKE48 take it to the beach and hit the streets with their cameras for their latest music video “Igai ni Mango“.

Filmed off the coast of mainland Taiwan on the Penghu Islands, “Igai ni Mango” is the 21st single released by SKE48. Fifteen-year-old Yuna Obata will serve as the center for this single, which marks her first time in the senbatsu.

Check out SKE48 serving refreshing visuals in yellow bikinis and white school girl outfits below!

Jiji Press has uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of the filming process, including royalty free elevator music and comments from SKE48 members:

SKE48’s “Igai ni Mango” will be released on July 19 in 8 editions: 4 limited and regular Type-A through Type-C.