SixTONES release new MV for “Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida”!

Johnny’s group SixTONES has released their brand new MV for their upcoming single “Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida“. The song will be the official theme song for the live-action “Liar X Liar“, adapted from the manga series of the same name.

“Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida” has officially been described as a love song that portrays the true feelings of a mans heart. For the MV for the director wanted it to feel like you were peering through a magic mirror. A projector was used to display an explosion of colors. All of the SixTONES members wear white so the colors can truly stand out.

Check out the full MV by clicking here (embedding currently disabled).

“Boku ga Bokujyanai Mitaida” is the groups 4th single overall and will be released on February 17th, 2021.