Seiko Oomori releases ‘Kyurukyuru’ PV

Singer-songwriter faux-idol Seiko Oomori has posted the music video for her major debut single ‘Kyurukyuru’ to her YouTube channel.

With her screamy Jun Togawa-esque vocals, Oomori is encapsulated in a truck haven of pink and pastel knickknacks. Once it stops, passersby give her weird looks and she breaks free, and breaks other things like guitars and her Stretch Armstrong stretchy arms.

It’s quite the sight. Check it out below!

‘Kyurukyuru’ Tracklist

  1. Kyurukyuru
  2. Watashi wa omoshiroi zettai omoshiroi tabun
  3. Ura

Kyurukyuru’ will be released September 18th under avex trax.