Seiko Matsuda Updates “Jikan no Kuni no Alice”

In 1984, Seiko Matsuda released her chart-topping 17th single, “Jikan no Kuni no Alice / Natsufuku no Eve.” The first A-side was written by Matsumoto Takashi, composed by Yumi Matsutoya under the name Kureta Karuho, and arranged by Ohmura Masaaki. On June 2, she will release a new self-cover of “Jikan no Kuni no Alice”, titled “Jikan no Kuni no Alice ~Alice in the world of time~.” While the song has a different arrangement, it still has a nostalgic 80s feel.

Seiko has released a music video for “Jikan no Kuni no Alice ~Alice in the world of time~.” In the video, multiple Seikos appear in the form of a band, to back the vocalist version of Seiko. Check it out below!

松田聖子「時間の国のアリス ~Alice in the world of time~」配信ジャケット