RYUCHELL (Ryucheru) releases new MV in honor of his son “LINK”

Talent Ryucheru is making his comeback to the music scene with a brand new MV and digital single, which just so happens to be named after his baby son LINK!

Ryucheru’s wife Peco gave birth to a healthy baby boy back in July. After the news broke about the couples pregnancy, they shared that they would love to name their baby “Link” if it was a boy and “Mona” if it was a girl.

Staying true to their promise Ryucheru’s latest foray into the music industry is a tribute to his newborn. For this release Ryucheru collaborated with composer Kenichi Maeyamada who produced the song and also helped with co-writing. 

The duo has become renowned for their 90s aesthetics and it’s on full display in the MV, both the visuals and sound of “LINK” play off the vintage look. Ryucheru wears various stylish blue themed outfits while singing to Link in a crib (you can’t actually see him) and does a fun dance routine with a SPEED lookalike group.

The lyrics hit back at critics who think Ryocheru and Peco are too young to start a family, and the joy Link has brought to the couples life so far. He also raps, which I’m sure has every SoundCloud rapper shook to the core.

Ryucheru made his music debut under the name RYUCHELL back in February 2018 with the single “Hands up!! If you’re Awesome”.