Namie Amuro Releases PVs “Fashionista” and “Golden Touch”

Namie Amuro’s new album “_genic” will be released June 10. Today, she released 2 music videos from the album. The first one is the short PV for the album’s 7th track, “Fashionista.” “Fashionista” is an upbeat song with a video that features a muted color palette with pops of navy and chartreuse. This video is a good display of Namie’s dancing talent.

The second video is the full music video for “Golden Touch”, the album’s 3rd track. It’s an upbeat urban number with a very interesting video. It’s an interactive video. Viewers are asked to place their finger in the middle of the screen while watching the video. Events then occur around the viewer’s finger, making the viewer the focal point of the video. It gives the viewer the “golden touch.” Check out both videos after the jump!



Golden Touch