Ranking of Artists Who Are Thought of as Idols But Deny It

Among the singers that are currently receiving attention, there are groups and individuals that make people think “Isn’t that person an idol?” Accordingly, Yahoo Japan’s Goo Ranking conducted a poll of solo singers and groups whose fans deny that they are idols and who deny that they are idols themselves, ┬ábut are thought of as idols by the general public.

“The Person (or Group) Themselves Deny it, But They are Thought of as Idols” Ranking

1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 45.2%

2. E-girls 27.4%

3. Perfume 24.0%

4. w-inds 18.2%

5. AAA 15.4%

6. Touhoushinki 14.6%

7. EXILE 12.8%

8. Sandaime J Soul Brothers 12.2%

9. Dream 10.2%

10. Flower 10.0%

11. Big Bang 8.2%

12. Happiness 5.0%

13. Sekai no Owari 4.6%

13. Golden Bomber 4.6%

15. Generations 4.2%


What do you think of the results?