Nakata Yasutaka releases full MV for “Nanimono” theme song featuring Yonezu Kenshi

Producer Nakata Yasutaka has released the full music video for the theme song for upcoming film”Nanimono“, creatively titled “NANIMONO”, featuring vocals and lyrics by musician and vocaloid producer Yonezu Kenshi.

The first disc of the film soundtrack contains the “NANIMONO EP,” which includes the film’s theme song, its extended mix, and three remixes by PC Music artist Danny L Harle and Japanese producers TeddyLoid and banvox, while disc two is the film score, which was composed entirely by Nakata Yasutaka.

Check out the music video below:

NANIMONO ft. Yonezu Kenshi” MV

“NANIMONO” Trailer

Nanimono” is based on the bestselling novel by RyuuAsai and centers around five young people who find themselves through the job hunt. In the film, they encourage each other and post their thoughts and worries on Twitter, but behind that they have a lot on their minds.


  1. NANIMONO (feat. Yonezu Kenshi)
  2. NANIMONO (feat. Yonezu Kenshi) -extended mix-
  3. NANIMONO (feat. Yonezu Kenshi) -Danny L Harle remix-
  4. NANIMONO (feat. Yonezu Kenshi) -TeddyLoid remix-
  5. NANIMONO (feat. Yonezu Kenshi) -banvox remix-

Disc 2—”Nanimono Original Soundtrack”:

  1. Shuukatsu Start
  2. Sannin no Deai
  3. Takuto no Omoi
  4. Shuukatsu Taisaku Honbu Kessei
  5. Nanimono no Theme
  6. Ginji to no Yaritori
  7. Room Share
  8. Mizutsuki no Okaasan no Hanashi
  9. Nanimono ~Montage~
  10. Gurudisu
  11. Koutarou no Honne
  12. Nanimono Gekijou
  13. Takuto to Mizutsuki

Nakata’s solo single “NANIMONO ft. Yonezu Kenshi” will be released on October 15th, the same day the film is released.