Mukai Taichi, Kaf, Daichi Yamamoto, and Ono Kensho Unite for “Shizumanuki Bow”

On July 9, the Netflix anime series Japan Sinks: 2020” debuted. Episode nine of the ten-episode series features a rap battle, which was supervised by KEN THE 390. Playing off that rap battle is the new song, “Shizumanuki Bow”, a collaboration between Mukai Taichi, Kaf, Daichi Yamamoto, and Ono Kensho.

The rap battle in “Japan Sinks: 2020” plays on the pros and cons of Japan, while “Shizumanuki Bow” deals with hope for the future in regards to the desperate situation that the anime’s characters are in. The lyrics for “Shizumanuki Bow” feature the titles of all of the episodes of “Japan Sinks: 2020.” KEN THE 390 also supervised the rapping for this song.

Check out the video for “Shizumanuki Bow” below!