Mission Complete. FlowBack Releases Final PV for ‘Heartbreaker’

For the modern day pop artist, the number of Youtube views a video receives is extremely important. In order to get an amount that matters you have to keep fans coming back and attract new ones as well. Boy group FlowBack has come up with an interesting way to do both with the videos for their new single ‘Heartbreaker‘. In the first video it’s explained that the boys are imprisoned and if you want to see them escape and move ahead in their mission, there needs to be a certain amount of views for each video installment. In all there had to be 1 million views for FlowBack to reach the end of their 4 video journey. Come take a look at the action below.



  1. Heartbreaker
  2. Turn Around

Heartbreaker‘ was released 12.07 and was FlowBack‘s 2nd single under Sony.