Mirei Toyama releases PV for ‘Memories’

Sweet 16 dancer-songwriter Mirei Toyama has released the video for ‘Memories‘.

Mirei is a newcomer to the game and in the past year has performed at BET Experience dance competition and collaborated with the singer SHUN. This single includes two new songs, “Just You” and LINE messenger app tie-in with “DON’T CRY, LINE ME” , as well as a couple remixes and even a cover of Ken Hirai’s “Hitomi wo Tojite”.

‘Memories’ Tracklist

  1. Memories
  3. Just You
  4. Memories (Nao Tanaka Remix)
  5. DON’T CRY, LINE ME (T.O.M. Remix)
  6. Just You (Habanero Posse Remix)
  7. Ano Hi ni Kaeritai
  8. Hitomi wo Tojite

Check out her YouTube channel for more original songs from her along with covers of classics such as “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” and more current bops from Miley Cyrus and others.

‘Memories’ will be released October 01, 2014.