mimmam release PV for debut digital single “Yura Yura Buruu”

Twin models Mim and Mam have begun activities as musical unit mimmam with the release of the PV for their debut single “Yurayura buruu“.

Both of them are exclusive Zipper models who began working with the magazine a little over a year ago. Within the past year, they have built up their brand and with the launch of collaboration projects with fashion brands, tie-ins with apparel stores and circle lens manufacturers.

The video was directed by Tomokazu Yamada and is like a cinemagraph. Both Mim and Mam are stationary and void of expression while the objects they hold are lively and exciting.

Check it out below!

mimmam’s “Yura Yura Buruu” has already been released in Japan digitally through iTunes and Recochoku.