Mika Nakashima and MIYAVI Team Up for “Innocent Rouge”

Last year, Mika Nakashima made her theater debut in the muscial “Innocent musicale.” Mika will release the musical’s theme song “Innocent Rouge” on January 22.

She’ll release the single under the name “Marie starring MIKA NAKASHIMA“. This is the first time Mika has used the name “starring MIKA NAKASHIMA” since “THE END”, the 2006 album by NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA.

“Innocent Rouge” was written by Sakamoto Shinichi, the manga artist that created “Innocent”, the manga on which Mika’s musical is based. MIYAVI was in charge of the song’s composition and arrangement. Shinichi also created the single’s cover art.

Check out more information on the single below, along with its lyric video!

Marie starring MIKA NAKASHIMA「イノサンRouge」ジャケット
  1. イノサンRouge (Innocent Rouge)
  2. 無垢なるもの (Mukunaru Mono)
  3. イノサンRouge (instrumental) (Innocent Rouge (instrumental))

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