lol have a house party in MV for “lolli-lolli”

Co-ed avex trax group lol is back with a brand new single. “Sayonara no Kisetsu/ lollilLolli” is their 9th single overall, and the groups very first new material for 2019.

lol shows off their “cool” side in both the song and MV for “lolli-lolli”. The primary setting of the MV takes place at a house party. Where the members can been dancing and enjoying themselves. “lolli-lolli” is an upbeat rap-dance song, where both the male and female members get to show off their rapping skills.

Check out the full MV below!

To promote the single lol will be embarking on a mini live tour. The first live took place on March 9th at Shibuya, while the next one will happen March 17th. The final date will happen on March 24th at “LaLaport KASHIWANOHA” in Chiba.

“Sayonara no Kisetsu/lolli-lolli” will be released physically on March 20th, 2019.